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Space Talks at GomSpace

We have experienced an overwhelming interest in this event. All seats are taken and we close to further registration

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  • 09:00

    Visit by school classes

    GUIDED TOUR at GomSpace facilities
    • Cinema showing “JOURNEY TO SPACE” – in Apollo 11
    • PRESENTATION of GomSpace by a GomSpace employee
    • CHEMISTRY SHOW from AAU with the space element incorporated


Helge Sander

"Space Talks" Panel Facilitator

Helge Sander is a journalist, former minister and former member of the Danish parliament. From 2001 to 2010, he was the Minister of Science, Technology and Development in Denmark.

Andreas Mogensen


Andreas Mogensen is Astronaut at the European Space Agency. On 2nd September 2015, he became the first astronaut of Danish nationality in space.

Andreas Mogensen has previously worked with spacecraft AOCS / GNC and been orbital mechanics engineer with experience in modeling, simulation, and control of aerospace vehicles and systems. 

His specialties include: Guidance, navigation and control system design, mission analysis and design, trajectory optimization, modeling and simulation in Matlab, Simulink, C, C++

Niels Buus

CEO, GomSpace

Niels Buus is the CEO of GomSpace Group and has been with the company since 2014.

He is well-experienced in entrepreneurship and management of globally oriented companies and counts a significant number of chairman positions. Niels Buus was awarded Manager of the Year in Denmark last year.

Tina Ibsen

Head of Science and Outreach at the Tycho Brahe Planetarium

Tina Ibsen is Head of Science and Outreach at the Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Denmark where she is responsible for exhibitions, outreach, public engagement, social media, communication etc.

She holds a M.Sc. in physics and astronomy from Copenhagen University.

Morten Bo Madsen

Lecturer and Space Specialist

Morten Bo Madsen is a recognized lecturer at Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen. Results of his scientific work include identification of the source of the magnetic properties of dust and soil on Mars; contributing to proving the presence of water-ice under loose soil on the Mars surface using NASA's Phoenix lands; and important contributions to show that the Gale crater on Mars previously had running water in the form of rivers.

Morten has a wide interest in the exploration of Mars and he has contributed to all NASA's landed missions on the planet since (and including) the Mars Pathfinder mission. 

Thea Flem Dethlefsen

Graduate Trainee in Procurement for Human Spaceflight and Science at ESA/ESTEC

Thea Flem Dethlefsen is a Young Graduate Trainee in Procurement for Human Spaceflight and Science at ESA/ESTEC. She graduated this summer from Leiden University's Advanced Master in Air and Space Law. 

Thea Flem Dethlefsen is actively engaged in the space community, attending conferences and workshops worldwide and holds the position of National Point of Contact Denmark for Space Generation Advisory Council.

Peter Sloth

Head of Division for Space, Agency for Science and Higher Education

Peter Sloth is Head of Division for Space at the Agency for Science and Higher Education since the establishment of the division in 2016.

Also, he is the chairman of the Interdepartmental Space Committee and the Space Research Committee  and since 2011, he has been the Head of Danish Delegation to ESA.

Christina Toldbo

Physicist specialized in life-support systems for Astronauts

Christina Toldbo is a qualified physicist from the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen and has written her thesis in Life-Support Systems for Astronauts, i.e The systems which keep astronauts alive in space. In this connection, Christina has researched how to grow algae and plants on long-lasting space missions so that the astronauts themselves can grow some of their food and produce oxygen. The last year, she has worked with the European Space Agency ESA in the Netherlands on education and dissemination of science in Europe.

Annette Marquart

Sales Manager, GomSpace

Annette Marquart has worked for GomSpace since 2013 and will give brief lectures on “Intro to Space” throughout the day. The talks will cover subjects like space environment, rockets, orbits, satellite classifications, and why making satellites is “rocket science”.


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